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Welcome Back! Reboot Showcase 2013November 4, 2013

Today's Agenda

Reboot Feedback Survey
Order your treat for this morning!


Using #nebedu, please tweet the following and be prepared to share your answer:
If you were an educational superhero, what would be your special power and how could you make a difference in your school with that power? What would be your superhero's theme song? (Feel free to post more than one tweet!)

Where we've been . . . .
Take some time to review Reboot 13 Kidblog Posts and Comments

Where we are now . . .
2013 Reboot Progress Showcase
  • Which goals have most positively impacted your classroom environment?
  • Which goals have done the most to re-energize you as a teacher?
  • What are you most excited about?

Where we're going next . . .

Explore new apps

Books with AR components

Check out Safari Montage - a free solution for making video accessible to students

Opportunities to Continue to Reboot

Plan Reboot Hangouts: Dates, times, hosts and topics

Enter NETA contests!

Fund For Teachers - Applications due in January.


  1. Turn on your iPad camera and put the view finder on you!
  2. Repeat the following: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."
  3. Now, ask yourself the following questions to reflect on the Reboot process:
  • What was your favorite part of the Reboot process? Name one thing for which you are grateful.
  • What was one thing that was challenging? Name one thing you would change about the Reboot process. (We appreciate your feedback!)
  • Would you recommend Reboot to a colleague? Why?
4. Share your response using the tech tool of your choice.

Share your contact information with the group for future reference AND sign up to host a Reboot Google Hangout:

Day 2: June 20, 2013

Long Term Reboot Project Goals

Using a format developed by Shelly Sanchez Terrell as part of her “30 Goals Challenge for Educators”, we will commit ourselves to trying new teaching and learning activities, and we will reflect on our progress toward specific goals. We will gather face-to-face for two days in June and one day in November. Between meetings, participants will continue working through the goals and reflecting on their progress. Teacher Reboot Camp participants who meet the challenge will earn an iPad to be used as a professional tool beyond the project.

Today's Mission
  • Participate in Goal Demonstrations

    • Make a Global Connection!
    • Let's Play & Have Fun!
    • Let Them Speak!
    • Share a Lesson
    • Create
    • Let's Reflect!

  • Post your Action Plan on KidBlog

    • Title one KidBlog post "Reboot 2013 Action Plan", tag it "plan", and include at least these elements:
      • overarching focus or intent & brief reflection (e.g., For Reboot 2013, I really want to challenge myself to engage more students more often throughout my classes. I was recently reminded of the importance of active participation in content learning and retention...)
      • goals & checkpoints (e.g., Goal 19, Cycle 1: What Do You Believe; Goal 18, Cycle 1: Let's Move; Goals 6, Cycle 3: Investigate and Instigate Questions; Goal 7, Cycle 1: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone; Goal 23, Cycle 2: Integrate Technology Effectively; Goal 20, Cycle 1: Seek Feedback; Goal 22, Cycle 3: Teach Them About Kindness)
      • other (optional) interesting goals (e.g., Goal 5, Cycle 1: Update Your Online Profiles; Goal 30, Cycle 1: Pass the Baton)
      • support needs (e.g., Seek Feedback: I would love for a Reboot colleague/leader to observe a class or two this fall to track student engagement and suggest more ideas. Is anyone willing?)
    • If you would like to see an example, take a look at Jen's Reboot Action Plan. (Remember, your's doesn't have to look like this, it just needs to have the elements outlined above. Get creative or use a Web 2.0 tool if you'd like!)
  • Post your "Summer Reboot Reflection."

    • Post your reflections on a post titled "Summer Reboot Reflection"
    • Reflect on your experience these past few days. What are you excited about trying? Do you have questions or concerns? Do you have suggestions for our time together in November? If you need a structure, consider the "geometric" close" to guide your thinking.
    • geometric close.png

Your Mission for November 4...and Beyond!
  • Blog Progress with KidBlog
    • After completing each goal--or periodically if in the process--post your progress toward your goals. What are your thoughts? How did it go? What were the effects? What were the challenges, and how did you attempt to overcome them? If you used a specific tech tool, what worked? What didn’t work like you’d hoped? What will you do differently next time?
  • Support your Reboot Colleagues
    • Periodically, check out your Reboot colleagues' posts, and leave a comment!
    • Connect with the group when possible (e.g., Hangouts on the 7th at 7!)
    • Lynne, Jill, and Jen will keep in touch and offer support.
  • Showcase a Goal
    • On November 4, we will celebrate your progress and accomplishments! You will be able to choose one of your goals to highlight with the group. These brief, informal presentations will help us learn from one another.

Just a Few Random Tips and Housekeeping Items:

Are you ready to REBOOT?Day 1: June 19, 2013
1. Download the goals & connect with the community:

2. Download the apps:
  • i-nigma
  • Kid Blog (app or online:
  • LinoIt
  • Haiku Deck
  • Popplet
  • PaperPort Notes
  • Educreations
  • Zoodle Comics
  • Sock Puppets
  • Collins Big Cat Series
  • Night ZooKeeper Drawing Torch
  • HootSuite
  • Thinglink
  • Skqueak
  • Magistro
  • Animoto
  • Voicethread
  • Capzles

Recommended Math Apps:
  • Math vs Zombies
  • Haunted School Math
  • McGraw-Hill 1-12 Facts
  • Math Hero
  • MeteorMath
  • The Digits Fraction Blast
  • Axiom

3. Take a deep breath and smile.

4. GO!
  • Participate in our Reboot sessions, June 19, June 20, November 4
  • Plan for Action:
    • Intentionally select several relevant goals (approximately 90 options).
    • Plan for action to accomplish your goals by November 4.
  • Reflect on your progress and learning and post your reflections.
  • Comment periodically on your peers’ posts.

5. Follow-Up

  • These are the goals you may have accomplished independently or collaboratively after the end of day 1. Just :) Shelly got us started on them, and it's up to you to decide if they fit into your overall purpose. You may find yourself wanting to expand on some of these--great! You may find that you abandon these--that's okay, too.
    • Goal 17, Cycle 1: Share your Story (why you became a teacher blog post)
    • Goal 1, Cycle 1: Post Your 1st 2013 Diary Entry (1st post on your KidBlog)
    • Goal 4, Cycle 1: Support a New Blogger (commented on a colleague's post)
    • Goal 19, Cycle 2: Avoid Burnout (Popplet)
    • Goal 1, Cycle 3: Create Your Me Manifesto (Haiku Deck)