Welcome Back! Reboot Showcase 2014
November 4, 2014

Today's Agenda

Order your treat for this morning!
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Lotus Chart Reboot.doc
Lotus Chart Reboot.doc


Using #nebedu, please tweet the following and be prepared to share your answer:
If you were an educational superhero, what would be your special power and how could you make a difference in your school with that power? What would be your superhero's theme song? (Feel free to post more than one tweet!)

Where we've been . . . .
Take some time to review G+ Community (Goals, Progress, Posts)

Where we are now . . .
2014 Reboot Progress Showcase
  • Which goals have most positively impacted your classroom environment?
  • Which goals have done the most to re-energize you as a teacher?
  • What are you most excited about?

Where we're going next . . .

Opportunities to Continue to Reboot

Plan Reboot Hangouts: Dates, times, hosts and topics

Enter NETA contests!

Fund For Teachers - Applications due in January.


  1. Turn on your iPad camera and put the view finder on you!
  2. Repeat the following: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."
  3. Now, ask yourself the following questions to reflect on the Reboot process:
  • What was your favorite part of the Reboot process? Name one thing for which you are grateful.
  • What was one thing that was challenging? Name one thing you would change about the Reboot process. (We appreciate your feedback!)
  • Would you recommend Reboot to a colleague? Why?
4. Share your response Fall Reflection category on the Reboot 2014 G+ Community.

Share your contact information with the group for future reference AND sign up a topic on the Reboot Google+ Hangout Schedule

Please take a few minutes to complete the PD survey
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