Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any cost to the district?

The only costs to the district would include mileage reimbursement (if appropriate) and the sacrifice of having your teachers out of their classrooms for one day, though we will provide substitute compensation. We will cover registration fees, lunch, stipends (summer), substitute compensation (November), and of course, the iPad mini.

2. If they receive an iPad through the reboot camp, is that considered ‘personal’ or is it a school-based device?

The primary intent for the iPad is to support classroom instruction and teacher productivity toward the Reboot project. The iPad may also be used inside and outside the classroom in compliance with any policies in place at the resident school district. While not mandated, we consider the iPad property of the school district on permanent loan to the teacher. (Of course, if the participant does not fulfill the goals of the project, then ESU 6 will collect the iPad soon after November 4 if not before.) The ipad should not supplant local funding for technology purchases.

3. How are stipends paid?

ESU 6 will pay a stipend of $120 per day for the Reboot dates of June 19-20. ESU 6 will submit the necessary paperwork to each participant's district. An appropriate representative from the district leadership will need to sign the paperwork and submit it to ESU 6. Districts pay the teacher (usually through the regular payroll check) and are reimbursed by ESU 6. Sometimes, this process can take a few months depending on the district's process. Please check with your district to be sure you are paid for the summer stipend days.